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We knew the moment that we heard our client’s idea for a technology platform focused on serving a unique niche in the education market that they’d discovered something big. We worked with the co-founders to turn their brilliant idea into a convincing pitch and crafted the business, brand and marketing strategy to put it into action.


Our first task was working very closely with the co-founders to refine their business and brand strategy. Leveraging Jennifer’s experience in strategy, development and education, we vetted and refined the business strategy through market research and strategic consulting, then we crafted a mission, tagline and name that clearly articulated the founders’ collective vision.


The story a startup tells can make or break the process of funding, which can be particularly challenging if English is a founder’s second or third language. We turned a slew of data into a compelling narrative about the market opportunity that resonated with advisors, and shaped the business plan to prepare for investor meetings and startup pitch competitions.


Once we had the critical foundation of the business strategy, mission, business plan and brand in place, we turned our attention to tactics. As a supplement to the business plan, we prepared an in-depth marketing plan and budget that included the strategy, timing and targeting for beta phases of development over the first two years.

Pioneer Meat Market's owners had been running a successful butcher shop, deli and catering service out of the shop for more than 30 years, but knew they needed to upgrade their digital presence to grow the business further. With a busy shop to run, the owners sought our help in revamping their marketing materials and establishing a digital presence for the brand to create a welcoming environment for new customers and drive traffic to the brick-and-mortar store. 


With an established brand and loyal following, it was important for Pioneer to maintain their brand equity. And yet, they’d never had an official logo and had used several versions of the name on marketing materials. Our first phase of work involved researching the history of the business, reviewing existing materials, interviewing stakeholders and developing a point of view on the brand.

The second area of work was developing a brand that both spoke to the history of the shop as the oldest surviving business in Ortonville, MN, and yet modern enough to evoke the professionalism of the proprietor and flexible enough to be used across a wide range of channels. This included developing the brand’s new logo and positioning, as well as defining key imagery, fonts and palettes.

The cornerstone of Pioneer’s new online presence is the website we developed for them, which has been successful in generating new leads for catering and butchering services. We augmented this with local listings on Yelp, Google and Facebook, which reflects the shop’s new positioning and branding and refers traffic back to robust product and service information online.


 When Jennifer started working with AIGA, the organization was new to the social landscape and about to undergo a massive website overhaul. She led the transformation of the organization's marketing strategy to one which incorporated mobile-optimized experiences, incorporated social media to connect with members in new ways, and integrated social & digital into live events.


Working with a team of developers to redesign the nonprofit's website was the first big project, creating a more visually compelling place to support and showcase the great design work that was being created across the country.


Creating new platforms to give influencers a way to curate and share the work that inspires them was another project close to my heart, which involved developing the concept, brand, UX and strategy with our developers.

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Marketing events such as national design conferences involved defining the marketing strategy, designing websites and apps with our partners, and executing direct, email, digital and social campaigns to drive registration & buzz.

Our grocery client was one of the first to offer delivery in New York City and had long been a staple of urban life, synonymous with both freshness and convenience. But with digital platforms getting in on the grocery game, more stores offering delivery options, and third-party apps establishing new levels of convenience, the brand needed to rethink their marketing approach and brand positioning in order to maintain their market position.


A big part of research for this project was exploring how consumers interpreted the idea of "fresh" and whether it was changing with access to different kinds of grocery delivery. What set the brand apart when some of the items it sold were available elsewhere, just as fast? 


In defining the brand's potential refinements to positioning, we conducted in-depth analysis on the competitive landscape to find white-space territory to mine, as well as unique points of positioning such as supplier relationships.

With recommendations for brand positioning in hand, the company's in-house team ran with the ideas to create new storytelling opportunities, leverage unique content formats to pull back the curtain, and rolled out new engaging content across multiple channels.